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We game. We code. We code games.

These are some upcoming things that will be amazing!

  • Login

    We will have a login system incorporated into our website that will allow you to login, manage what PC games you have purchased, and a way to reset your pass word or change your account nickname etc. The login you use on our site will be the login on our game launcher you use to acess your purchased games! The nickname assiged to your account will show up as your in game name. If you ever want to change it you can simply change it through our website.

  • Launcher

    We will also have an upcoming launcher for the upcoming games that we are currently working on. This launcher will allow you to have acess to all of our free/paid games. The launcher login credintals will be the same as your website login. It will be one big hub for our games!

  • PC Gamez

    We are currently working on a few PC and console games. We will have a lot of games that are new and have some new high tech features incorparated into them.

  • Shop

    We are also currently working on a shop where you will be able to purcahse our games, early acess, collectors editions, gear, and more! This shop will make life easier to purchase our games and merch.