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Homesick Alien

A game to solve math problems and help an alien get home.

Coming Soon To IOS!

Homesick Alien

Homesick alien is a multi-level game. Your character is an alien. Each level has a chest. When you reach the chest you are prompted with a math problem. If you solve the problem correctly you are allowed to go through the door at end of the level. Each level has multiple hazards - water, saws, spikes, maces. If you run into a hazard you must restart at the beginning of that level. You beat the game by completing level 5.

The intro screen.

Homesick Alien game screen 1

Gameplay screen

The alien has to avoid the water and other obstacles and make it to the chest. There is a joystick control on the bottom left and a jump button on the right.

Homesick Alien game screen 2

Each level is more advanced and challenging.

Homesick Alien game screen 3

You solve math problems to get to the next level.

When you reach a chest you are presented wiht a math problem to solve. If you get the answer correct you are allowed to go through a door to the next level.

Homesick Alien game screen 4