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Combine photo, audio and email to save time and improve communication.

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Evoto saves you time by allowing you to quickly and conveniently combine photo, voice and email into one app.

The problem: How to explain complicated instructions or information about projects, equipment, field equipment, etc.

Past attempts to solve the problem: Videos are great but not for email. Of course you can email or text pictures but typing a long description or complicated explanation is time consuming. What if you had an app that let you take a picture, add a voice recording and then quickly email both?

The Solution: Evoto. It was designed with mobile professionals and contractors in mind.

Suppose you are a plumber, electrician or landscaper. Wouldn’t it be great to take a picture of a problem area or completed job, record a brief message explaining the work that was done and then email your customer? (Especially if there were questions about the project that would hold up the completion of the project!)

Maybe you take a picture of a prospective job, add a voice recording to describe some aspects of the job and email both to yourself so you do not forget some important concerns. (Fewer trips to the store or supply house!)

Perhaps you are a real estate agent and run across a kitchen that is perfect for a young couple relocating. You could email your customer and include a personalized voice memo describing the home in more detail and explaining how it is the perfect fit.

Anytime you have a project that could benefit from video + text, think Evoto! You’ll save time, money and effort while making your projects more successful!

Send to anyone with an email.

Evoto is designed to make life easy. No need for your recipient to download an app to their phone or device. The photo is a JPG file and the audio clip is an MP4 attachment. Both can be opened on any iPhone, Android, Windows or MAC.

No picture - No problem

Maybe you just want to email yourself or your assistant a quick voice memo. Just skip the picture part. Record a quick voice memo and click send to launch the email.

Not just for business

Maybe you want to take a picture of the kids and have them sing happy birthday to a relative far away. How about taking a picture of your daughter's piano recital and including a sound clip? The possibilities are endless.

Take Picture / Record Audio
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Email Both
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