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2017 Launch Party

Where here to fill you in on the upcoming launch party

The Yeti Adventure - VR and Evoto Launch party.

We will be having an upcoming launch party event for Yeti Adventure - VR and Evoto. We will have Demos of these apps for you to try, also we will have a demo of an upcoming game we have been working on for a while now. On top of that, there will be collector editions where you can purchase it and it gives you Yeti Adventure - VR, a statue, and a few other cool things for a very cheap price!

What are we going to do there?

We will be doing demos for you guys and you can try them out. We will also be having collectors editions and some giveaways. You people will be able to try out these apps and try out a new game we have been working on for a while along with our new HQGamez launcher that will come out with this new upcoming game. We will show you how to use our new login page thats upcoming and all sorts of fun stuff so come join us!


What date will it be on?

We have not decided the exact date yet but it will probaly be around mid April or early May. We will update this page when we have a date for you.

Is it free to go?

Yes! It will be free to go there. We will be selling collector editions so if you want to buy those you can. (They are optional)

Where will it be hosted at?

We have not decided this either but when we figure it out we will let you know soon!

Will there be food and drinks there?


Can you bring kids?

YES! All ages are aloud!

Where can I register?

Registeration has not been opened yet but we will post a link to register for this event soon!

Almost Launch Party Time! Collector's Edition

Yeti Adventure - VR is uploaded to Apple and approved. For the launch party we will offer a collector's edition kit for sale complete with a 3D-printed statue. Here is the very first statue part of the first batch!

Yeti 3D Figure